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College of Business Leadership-Bachelor's Degree


The Major in Accounting provides instruction in business administration skills as well as accounting. Students will be introduced to the various technologies and philosophies in accounting.

Program Objectives
This course work will prepare students academically and professionally, while developing the social, communicative, and accounting competencies needed for a 21st century accounting leader. The objective of this program of study is to prepare the students both academically and professionally for the ever-changing world of accounting.

Students must meet the entrance requirements of University of Fort Lauderdale.

The Major in Accounting does not qualify the student to be licensed in accounting, nor does it meet the requirements to take the required examinations for such licenses

Major in Accounting
Term I Course Names Credits

ENG 101

English Grammar and Composition I 

(3 credits)
LDR 101 Principles and Practices of Leadership (3 credits)
BUS 110 Introduction to Computers (3 credits)

HIS 101

U.S.  History I

(3 credits)

REL/MIN/THE 100-200

Special Elective

(3 credits)
Term II Course Names Credits

MAT 200

College Algebra

(3 credits)
HIS 102 History II (3 credits)
ENG 102 English Grammar and Composition II (3 credits)

SCI 101, 160, 161

Health Sciences

(3 credits)

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

(3 credits)
Term III Course Names Credits

PSY 140

Introduction to Psychology

(3 credits)
BUS 120 Business Ethics (3 credits)
POS 200 Comparative Politics (3 credits)

BUS 220

Introduction to Business Administration

(3 credits)

COM 200

Speech Communication

(3 credits)
Term IV Course Names Credits

BUS 210

Business Communication Technology

(3 credits)
BUS 230 Accounting I (3 credits)
BUS 121 Introduction to Business Communication (3 credits)

BUS 370

Principles of Marketing

(3 credits)

LAW 330

Business Law

(3 credits)
Term V Course Names Credits

BUS 231

Accounting II

(3 credits)
BUS 240 Macroeconomics (3 credits)
BUS 330 Managerial Accounting (3 credits)

BUS 360

Introduction to Management

(3 credits)

BUS 350

Business Professional Writing

(3 credits)
Term VI Course Names Credits

BUS 242


(3 credits)
BUS 250 Business Statistics (3 credits)
BUS 310 Management Information Systems (3 credits)
BUS 375 Procurement  

BUS 373

Money and Banking

(4 credits)
Term VII Course Names Credits

BUS 435

Taxation I

(3 credits)
BUS 481 Auditing (3 credits)
BUS 460 Advanced Management Principles (3 credits)


Major/Minor Elective

(3 credits)

BUS 431

Applied Financial Analysis 

(3 credits)
Term VIII Course Names Credits

BUS 436

Taxation II

(3 credits)
BUS 480 Corporate Finance (3 credits)
300-400 Major/Minor Elective (6 credits)

BUS 495

Business Internship

(3 credits)


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