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College of Business Leadership-Bachelor's Degree

Construction Management

The Major in Construction Management provides instruction in construction management skills.

Program Objectives
This course work will prepare students academically and professionally, while developing the social, communicative, and construction management competencies needed for a 21st century construction management leader. The objective of this program of study is to prepare the students both academically and professionally for the ever-changing world of construction management.

Students must meet the entrance requirements of University of Fort Lauderdale.

Foundation Courses (30 credits)
  Course Names Credits


Introduction to Construction Management

(3 credits)
BUS 220 Introduction to Business Administration (3 credits)
BUS 120 Business Ethics (3 credits)

BUS 121

Introduction to Business Communication

(3 credits)
BUS 230 Financial Accounting I (3 credits)
BUS 240 Macroeconomics (3 credits)
BUS 242 Microeconomics (3 credits)
BUS 360 Introduction to Management (3 credits)
BUS 370 Principles of Marketing (3 credits)

STA 200


(3 credits)
Core Courses (45 credits)
  Course Names Credits
BCM 250 Construction Surveying (3 credits)
BCM 380 Building Material and Construction Methods (3 credits)

BCM 400

Contracts and Specifications

(3 credits)

BUS 310

Management Information Systems

(3 credits)
BUS 315 Business Research Methods (3 credits)
BUS 460 Advanced Management Principles (3 credits)
BUS 495 Internship in Business Administration (3 credits)
BCM 200 Construction Drawing (3 credits)
BCM 260 Building Codes (3 credits)
BCM 330 Construction Safety (3 credits)
BUS 320 Business Law (3 credits)
BUS 378 Project Management (3 credits)
BUS 485 Cost Accounting (3 credits)


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