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College of Religious Studies-Bachelor's Science

Major in Christian Education

The Christian Education program has its foundation in ministerial preparation as well as counseling. The program consists of general education courses and courses in ministry, theology, and religion.

Program Objectives
The Christian Education program provides the students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to listen, calculate, and communicate effectively. This degree prepares the students for the spiritual calling of ministry on various levels and is designed to provide this ever-changing society with 21st century ministers and pastors with a heart for God and God’s people.

The Major in Christian Education does not qualify the student to be licensed in education, nor does it meet the requirements to take the required examinations for such licenses.

Major in Christian Education
Term I Course Names Credits

ENG 101

English Grammar and Composition I

(3 credits)
HIS 101 Introduction to History I (3 credits)
LDR 101 Principles and Practices of Leadership (3 credits)

REL 101

Old Testament Survey

(3 credits)

BUS 110

Introduction to Computers

(3 credits)
Term II Course Names Credits

MAT 200

College Algebra

(3 credits)
ENG 102 English Grammar and Composition II (3 credits)
REL 120 New Testament Survey (3 credits)

PSY 140

Introduction to Psychology

(3 credits)

POS 200

Comparative Politics

(3 credits)
Term III Course Names Credits

COM 200

Speech Communication

(3 credits)
MIN 200 Foundation of Ministry (3 credits)
SCI 101,160,161 Health Sciences (3 credits)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

HIS 102 –200

History II

(3 credits)
Term IV Course Names Credits

REL 170

Christian Ethics

(3 credits)
COU 300 Christian Counseling (3 credits)
THE 120 Life of Christ (3 credits)

THE 200

Introduction to Theology

(3 credits)

REL 340


(3 credits)
Term V Course Names Credits

EDU 300

Christian Education Theory

(3 credits)
EDU 301 Curriculum Design I (3 credits)
EDU 303 Introduction to Teaching Methodology (3 credits)

COU 200

Human Growth and Development

(3 credits)

PSY 240

Psychology II

(3 credits)
Term VI Course Names Credits

EDU 302

Curriculum Design II

(3 credits)
EDU 330 Education Technology (3 credits)
EDU 350 Learning Disabilities in Special Education (3 credits)

EDU 351

Managing Social Issues in Education Systems

(3 credits)

STA 200


(3 credits)
Term VII Course Names Credits

EDU 306

Classroom Management

(3 credits)
EDU 408 Education Law (3 credits)
EDU 310 Education Testing and Evaluation (3 credits)
THE 360 Systematic Theology (3 credits)


Major/Minor Elective

(6 credits)
Term VIII Course Names Credits

EDU 410

Internship I

(6 credits)
EDU 411 Internship II (3 credits)
EDU 420 School Administration (3 credits)

EDU 470

Curriculum Planning and Development

(3 credits)
300-400 Major/Minor Elective (3 credits)


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